5 Newly Launched NFT Projects That May Skyrocket Next

    The NFT industry is constantly growing and it has paved the way for numerous exciting new projects to come to life. These handful of new NFTs are worth keeping on your watchlist and potentially buying today for long-term high returns. Here are the 5 new NFT projects and games to keep an eye on in 2023.

    5 New NFT Projects of 2023

    Numerous investors are getting into the NFT market to invest in those that may potentially provide high returns.


    Autograph is among the new NFT projects best made for sports and celebrity fans. Co-founded by Tom Brady, this NFT uses the Polygon blockchain and can be purchased on the DraftKings Marketplace the accepted payment method are Online banking. Credit and debit cards.


    Built on the Celo Network, CeloPunks is the first NFT Punks tribute on the Celo Blockchain. Collectors looking for NFTs to invest in will certainly love 10000 Punks that can be minted with new and unique traits! You can also use these NFTs to earn $CPUNK tokens passively.

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    Identity 20XY

    Identity 20XY is an NFT project that is a strong proponent of online privacy. It is one of the best new NFT projects for those who are socially awkward and feel uncomfortable showing their faces in a Zoom call with strangers.

    Otaku Origins

    Otaku Origins, created by a couple of anime fans, is a journey of more than 8K individuals sucked into the OtakuVerse. Each Otaku is algorithmically generated and can access the Otaku DAO and metaverse, which will serve as launchpads for emerging artists and authors.


    Created by prominent American internet entrepreneur, Kevin Rose, Moonbirds is one of the new NFT projects in 2023 that consists of 10,000 utility-enabled profile pictures (PFP). NFT holders have the option to ‘nest’ their NFT to receive additional rewards.

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