FTX Accounts Hacker Is SBF?

    Onchain data researcher Noah unveils some very important information related to the FTX crash. After Oxscope mentioned a suspicious address that might have a link to an FTX hacker.

    An on-chain data researcher in a recent tweet revealed the name of the address as 0xd275e5cb559d6dc236a5f8002a5f0b4c8e610701. As per the report, a former FTX employee who doesn’t want to reveal his identity confirms that oxd275 surely has some connection with the FTX hacker.

    Onchain researcher establishes link between FTX hacker and 0xd275

    Noah established the connection between and FTX in his tweet by mentioning that oxd275 performed large-scale ETH transfers on November 8 while the FTX exchange suspended user withdrawals at the same time. In a tweet, thread lookonchain revealed that prior to the FTX hacker dumping $ETH, 0xd275 transferred a large amount of $USDC to exchanges.

    Moreover, lookonchain in another tweet mentioned the suspicious address 0xd275 that borrowed $USDC from #Aave and transferred it to the exchanges on November 21, and just after 20 minutes, FTX hackers dumped 15,000 $ETH for renBTC.

    It shows 0xd275 has gone to the exchange to short $ETH. In addition to the series of tweets on November 12, two hours after the 0xd275 stopped trading, FTX Accounts Drainer began stealing assets from the FTX Exchange and selling them. The FTX Accounts Drainer stopped selling at 7:34:23. Half an hour later, 0xd275 began trading. 

    FTX hacker and Oxd275 is same person

    Notably, the series of tweets and revelations from lookonchain and Noah all point to the fact that the FTX hacker and 0xd275 are the same people. Surprisingly, crypto exchanges such as Bitfinex, Binance, KrakenFX, and Coinbase can provide answers to all of your questions. Since 0xd275 withdrew the funds deposited in these transactions,

    Worthnotingly, in a recent turn of events, Binance pulled out of the FTX acquisition deal. The collapse of FTX and Alameda Research shook the industry. According to CoinMarketCap data, the price decline has devalued crypto assets by more than $100 billion.




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