Will The Sandbox and Metacade Become Metaverse Market Leaders?

    Shortly after Facebook announced its foray into the metaverse and changed its name to Meta in October 2021, metaverse tokens rocketed. One such token was The Sandbox, which has since been thrust into the spotlight. However, there are also plenty of new exciting projects entering the industry, and one of the most talked about recently on social media is Metacade.

    Today, we’re going to take a look at the factors that could lead The Sandbox and Metacade to become market-leading metaverse tokens and potentially the next best investment.

    What is The Sandbox?

    The Sandbox is a decentralised 3D virtual world that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Users purchase plots of land with the non-fungible LAND token to build experiences they can share and monetise, using the SAND token. This has led to fully-fledged indie games being developed within The Sandbox metaverse, which players interact with using customisable avatars decked out in rare wearables.

    Its block-based building design looks very similar to Minecraft, but with digital ownership in the mix, the possibilities are multiplied tenfold

    What Makes The Sandbox a Market Leader?

    Owner-Based Economy

    Traditionally, games that emphasise user-generated content, like Roblox, take a large cut of the rewards players earn for their hard work. The Sandbox game was launched with the vision of disrupting this model, and instead allows users to truly own their items and experiences. ASSET NFTs are objects like vehicles, animals, and structures that can be bought and sold on The Sandbox marketplace. Even entire games are non-fungible, represented by GAME tokens.

    Pixel-Based Creation

    The Sandbox game has a native item builder called VoxEdit. Each block/pixel is known as a voxel, which fit together to create characters, buildings, animals, and practically any other object you can think to build. This gives players complete freedom to build whatever they like and convert their creations into ASSET NFTs, which can then be used in experiences.

    Game Maker

    One of the best parts of The Sandbox is the Game Maker, which allows users to build on LAND that they own, using ASSETs they’ve built or bought on the marketplace. It enables anyone to turn their ideas into reality without knowing a line of code, all for free.

    What is Metacade?

    Metacade is a virtual arcade where users go to discover brand new blockchain-based games, link up with fellow Play2Earn enthusiasts, and have their say in the future development of metaverse gaming. Like The Sandbox, Metacade wants to do away with the venture-capital-funded gaming studios that leave the community as an afterthought in favor of profit. Instead, the team behind Metacade wants to put value back into the hands of the players.

    They’re focusing on three aspects: Play2Earn, Create2Earn, and Work2Earn, which will likely revolutionise the GameFi landscape as we know it today. Let’s explore.

    What Will Propel Metacade to Market Leader Status?

    Gain an Edge in Play2Earn

    As Play2Earn soars in popularity, the number of players and games in the market will also increase massively, which makes it harder to find a) the best games and b) the games that offer the most rewards. With Metacade, you can read (and be paid to write) reviews, view leaderboard rankings, and share tips in real time for making the most out of your Play2Earn experience.

    Community-Driven Funding

    One of the most exciting aspects of Metacade is the launch of Metagrants, which sees users voting to fund their favorite up-and-coming projects. The winner not only gets financial support to develop their project, but the Metacade community can interact directly with developers, test, and give feedback to help shape the game’s success. Releasing these games through the Metacade arcade serves to strengthen the platform as a whole, as further community-driven projects feed back into the system.

    Gig Economy for GameFi

    Part of Metacade’s vision for the future is creating a platform where users can log on, chat with like-minded enthusiasts, play some of their favorite games, and find paying opportunities to do what they love. You might find anything from a gig testing a game for a few hours, all the way to an internship with a leading blockchain development company. 

    Make More From Your Favorite Games With Tournaments

    Using the Metacade token, MCADE, players can enter tournaments to win big prizes from the games they already love to play. Play in a team with your friends or go solo in epic competitions to show off your skills and earn even more from your favorite Play2Earn games.

    Should I Buy Metacade or The Sandbox?

    If The Sandbox is the game that players play, then Metacade is the place to find these games. Metacade relies on blockchain gaming industry growth for its success, while The Sandbox relies solely on its userbase growing, it could be argued that Metacade is the least risky.

    Both projects could make for excellent buys for the future of the metaverse. But with a projected 10x growth rate in blockchain gaming over the next three years, it wouldn’t be surprising if Metacade came out on top. 

    You can buy The Sandbox at eToro here.

    You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.

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